Ilse Gesquiere

From dedicated teacher to passionate mobile hairdresser
* Creating my childhood dream *

Does it appeal to you
to support me in realising my dream ?

I’ll give you your best look
according to your face shape and hair style,
in the comfort of your home,
at a time that suits you best
and at transparent, customized prices.

Let me know when it suits you
and I will be happy to visit you !

0479 17 03 83

Thank you very much !


Thank you for supporting my small business.  You make my dream come true …  How so?

Becoming a hairdresser was my childhood dream, but it is only now that I am realising it. I worked as a teacher for many years. I gave up that job to study hairdressing. I graduated with great distinction as a hairdresser and master high-end hairdressing techniques thanks to Salon Jacques Dessange in Brussels.

I now work as a hairdresser at home and am happy to offer you the quality of a luxury salon in your familiar surroundings. With the listening ear of a teacher.  At the time that suits you.  And with transparent, tailor-made prices. You can find them below.

Comfort and Convenience

Relax in the familiarity of your own home, without the hustle and waiting times.

Personal Advice

I take ample time to understand your style and am happy to offer personal advice to make you even more radiant.


I adapt to your schedule. Make an appointment when it suits you, even in the evening or on weekends.

Transparent prices

You always know in advance what you will pay, with no surprises afterwards. No hidden costs, just fair rates.


The price of the haircut depends on the time it takes to cut the hair as well as the number of clients per home visit. (For children up to 14 years, the price is in brackets.)

Category 1
Cut where I have to remove 1 to 2 cm (or children’s cut 0-6 yo)

  1. € 27 (€ 22)
  2. € 24,5 pp (€ 19,5 pp)
  3. € 23,5 pp (€ 18,5 pp)
  4. € 23 pp (€ 18 pp)
  5. € 22 pp (€ 16 pp)

Category 2
Cut where I have to remove 3 to 5 cm (or children’s cut 6-12 yo)

  1. € 35 (€ 25)
  2. € 32,5 pp (€ 22,5 pp)
  3. € 31,5 pp (€ 21,5 pp)
  4. € 31 pp (€ 21 pp)
  5. € 29 pp (€ 19 pp)

Category 3
Cut where I have to remove more than 5 cm; transformation cut (or children’s cut 12-14 yo)

  1. € 40 (€ 27)
  2. € 37,5 pp (€ 24,5 pp)
  3. € 36,5 pp (€ 23,5 pp)
  4. € 36 pp (€ 23 pp)
  5. € 34 pp (€ 21 pp)

After cutting, I dry it  loose and provide a clear finish so it always sits right. This is for free.

Blow Dry

Drying your hair loose after a cut is for free. Do you want extra volume, straight hair or curly locks? Then I will be happy to give you a perfectly styled look.

  • Short hair: € 10

  • Chin length: € 17,5

  • Shoulder length: € 22,5

  • Long hair: € 27,5

  • Very long hair: € 30

The price of the blow dry is determined by the time needed to style the hair.


Do you find it difficult to color your hair yourself? Do you need help determining the right shade?  I will gladly help you!

1. Regrowth – All in
Color (30 g), mask, loose drying

  • Short hair: € 50
  • Chin length: € 55
  • Shoulder length: € 60
  • Long hair: € 67,5
  • (Supplement 10 g: € 5)

2. Regrowth and lengths – All in
Color (50 g), mask, loose drying

  • Short hair: € 55
  • Chin length: € 60
  • Shoulder length: € 65
  • Long hair: € 72,5
  • (Supplément 10 g: € 5)

The price of coloring is determined by the amount of product needed to cover your locks and the time it takes to wash your hair, treat it with a special mask and then dry it loose.


I will be pleased to visit you within the Brussels region. The price for the trip is calculated via Google Maps based on the fastest means of transport (on foot, bicycle or public transport).  The starting point is the Bourse in 1000 Brussels.


  • < 15 min.: € 2,5
  • > 15 min.: € 5

You can find here a total overview of the rates.

0479 17 03 83

Would you like to make an appointment? I can visit you both during the week and on weekends. Not only during the day but also in the evening.

You don’t need to wet your hair beforehand. Before I cut your hair, I like to see how it falls when dry. Then I spray your hair wet.

You don’t need to provide anything either. I have everything with me (towels, hairdryer, …).

Fijne ervaring met Ilse! Ze was attentvol en ze nam de tijd om te luisteren waardoor ik me begrepen voelde. Plus, het resultaat was helemaal naar verwachting en ze gaf goede tips voor mijn haarstijl. Een kapper aan huis is ook super handig en comfortabel. Voor herhaling vatbaar en zeker aan te bevelen!

Eerste ontmoeting alsook eerste ervaring met kapper aan huis en was top!
Ilse straalt haar passie uit, neemt haar tijd, luistert aandachtig
en geeft ook eerlijk de realiteit weer met wat mogelijk is. Zeker aanrader!

Ons moeder ziet er meteen weer tien jaar jonger uit, en ze heeft genoten van de vlotte
en professionele service van de lieve Ilse !